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Valparaiso Heating Services

At Total Comfort, we offer a complete array of heating services for you. Our technicians know that their jobs go far beyond simply making things around your house work right again. They know that, with every repair, they are taking your stress away and helping you get back to the life you love. If you’re having an issue with your furnace, boiler, heat pump or other type of heater, call us today to work with experienced technicians who care about you and your family.

Heating Repair

You can’t live your best life when your heater isn’t working! That’s why, at the first sign of a problem, you should give us a call. We’ll come to you fast, assess your heater, and do our best it get it fixed before you get too uncomfortable in your home. Learn more about our heater repairs here!

Heating Maintenance

Did you know that regular maintenance can add years to the life of your heater? That’s in addition to saving you money on your utility bills because your units won’t have to work so hard. We’ll make sure your furnace is working well or help you get it back in great shape. Learn more about your heater maintenance options with Total Comfort here!

Heating Installation

Is it time for a new furnace? We’ll help you find one that is perfect for your home and your needs. We’ll look at the size of your home and how much you use your heater, then recommend new units from brands we know and trust. We’ll get your heating installation up to code according to the manufacturer’s standards, too. Contact us for more information about getting a new heater installed in Valparaiso, IN today!

Let Total Comfort help keep you warm this season! Our heater services are second to none, we will always be there to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Click here to schedule a free estimate with Total Comfort!

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