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Valparaiso Air Quality & Control

Air Quality & Control

At Total Comfort, we know that your comfort in your own home depends on a number of factors. Functioning heat and A/C is part of that, but so is control of that air and the quality of the air you’re breathing. Are you finding it harder than usual to breathe in your home, or maybe feeling sick? We are prepared to help you address all these important factors of indoor air quality! Contact us today with questions about air quality and control or to take advantage of the services listed below.

Indoor Air Quality

If it’s important to you that you and your family breathe clean air, contact us about indoor air quality testing. We’ll come out and check the air quality in different parts of your home. If we find any allergens or contaminants, we’ll let you know, then work with you to find a way to address them.

Indoor air quality,or IAQ, can play a big part in how you feel every day. This is particularly true if you or someone else in your family has allergies, asthma, or other breathing problems. Raising your IAQ can make a lot of difference for these people.

We have many indoor air quality solutions at our fingertips. We’ll figure out what would be best for your home, then install it for you fast. Before long, you’ll be breathing clean air again!


Would you like to get a better thermostat for your home? We can get you a programmable one so you can set your home’s temperature to different levels at different times of day. We can even help you get a smart home thermostat. These are designed to help you save money by adjusting your indoor air temperature to your habits. They can also be controlled by your smartphone!

There are many options out there and we’ll help you find the right thermostat for you, then complete your thermostat installation ASAP.

Ductless HVAC & Mini Split Systems

Ductless HVAC, also called a mini split system, can give you more control over which parts of your rooms get hot and cold air at different times. Since each room or set of rooms is on its own controller, you can heat or cool part of your home at a time, or set each part to a different temperature.

We can help you find the best ductless mini split system for your home and your family, then install it and test it for you, too. We’ll help you get the air control you need to stay comfortable at home all year long.

Call us at Total Comfort today for help with indoor air quality, thermostat replacement or installation, and ductless mini split systems. Our experts will get to you quickly and get you even more comfortable at home!

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