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Valparaiso Air Conditioning Installations

Air Conditioning Installation

Are you considering A/C installation before summer comes? This is actually one of the best times of year to change out your air conditioning! That way, it will be ready to keep you cool when temperatures soar.

We would love to help you with your new AC unit installation. We’ll make sure that you get a great new air conditioner that will keep you and your family cool this summer and for many to come. We’ll also make sure you get the best air conditioning installation possible so that you can feel confident your unit will work well.

Choosing the Best Air Conditioner for Your Home

When we do an AC installation, we work hard to match you with a unit that suits your home and your needs. We base this matching process on your responses to a few questions, including:

  • How large is your home (or how much square footage will this A/C need to cool)?
  • How often do you run your air conditioner?
  • How cool do you keep your home when the A/C is on?
  • What type of system do you need (i.e. are you looking for a conventional A/C or a mini split A/C installation?)
  • Is saving energy a priority for you?
  • What is your budget for the project?

We’ll always match you with air conditioners that come from manufacturers we know and trust. We’ll also make sure you understand everything, including A/C installation cost, before we order and install your new unit.

Our A/C Installation Process

Once we have your new air conditioner in stock, we’ll work with you to schedule your AC unit installation. It usually only takes a couple of hours but it can go longer if we run into unexpected problems.

On the day of your air conditioning installation, we’ll arrive on time and bring your new A/C unit with us. We’ll do all the heavy lifting required to get it in place, at which point we’ll start hooking things up.

We do every A/C installation according to manufacturer specifications. This means we test each component as we go to ensure optimal functioning. When we’ve finished, we’ll test the whole thing and make sure it’s cooling your home effectively.

Contact us at Total Comfort the next time you need an A/C installation. Our air conditioning professionals will be on the job in no time. Call to schedule your appointment today!

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