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HVAC Services in St. John

Any issues with the heating and cooling system at your home or business can be easily remediated by the team at Total Comfort NWI. We can handle the repairs, replacement, or maintenance efforts for your HVAC unit so that your property in St. John can remain comfortable. Our heating and air conditioning service has been trusted by local property owners for years, so call us when you need help!

Air Conditioning Repair and AC Services

technician performing air conditioning repair in St. John IndianaIf you need repairs done for your AC or need a new unit installed, our staff in St. John is the one to call. With a team of trained experts, we are able to get anything done and service any kind or model of cooling system. We will use our professional equipment to inspect the one at your property and can either fix it, tune it up, or get it replaced depending on what we find it needs.

Heating Service in St. John

Reach out to us when the heater at your property starts acting up or stops working altogether. The Total Comfort team can come out in St. John and do any heating repairs to get it running efficiently again. If for any reason we are not able to fix the issue, we will let you know that it is time to replace the unit, and can happily handle all the steps involved in getting it taken out and a new one installed.

We also offer maintenance services for heating systems in which we take care of all the needed upkeep and cleanings. You can sign up for our program that includes perks like regular appointments to maintain and inspect your heater to make sure it’s in good shape.

Air Quality & Temperature Control

The air that is blown throughout your property is only as clean as the ventilation system that is travels through. If you have dirty ducts, they could be contributing to problems with air quality at your home or business. We can install a ductless split system, which can help to curb these issues. If you are interested in having more control over indoor climate, we can install a programmable thermostat.

St. John’s Trusted HVAC Company

The Total Comfort NWI staff is committed to offering expert solutions to our customers whenever they need their HVAC systems serviced. Our heating and cooling contractors are available 24/7 to assist with repairs, maintenance, installation, or air quality control, so contact us whenever you need us!

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