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Heating Services in Portage, IN

Portage gets cold in the winter. We live here, so we understand that! That’s why we are always willing to come out and help you with your heater. Whenever you need heating service in Portage, call us at Total Comfort. We’ll have someone out to your home fast to get you warm again as soon as possible. We’ll never ask you to freeze at home but instead will send someone to you quickly!

Heating Repair

When your heater isn’t working, call us for heating repair in Portage right away. Not sure if you need a repair? We can help with these common problems:

  • Your heater won’t turn on.
  • Your heater won’t turn off.
  • Your heater turns off and on rapidly without providing much heat at all.
  • Your heater makes unusual noises.
  • Your heater leaks.
  • Your heater doesn’t respond when you change the temperature on your thermostat.
  • Your heater blows cold or lukewarm air.
  • You are cold in your house even though your heater seems to be working well.

As soon as you notice any of these issues, contact us ASAP. We’ll send you an expert in heating & furnace repair in Portage who will get your heater back to full functionality soon.

Heating Replacement

When it’s time for a new heater, rely on the experts at Total Comfort to get you one that will work great in your home. Not sure if you need a new one? Here are some questions to help you decide.

  • How much are you spending each year on heater repairs?
  • Does your heater need a major repair before it can work well this winter?
  • How old is your heater and how long do you expect it to last
  • If you decide that heating replacement is right for you, we’ll make sure you get an amazing heater for your house.

Heating Installation

We’ll handle all of your heating installation in Portage, too! It doesn’t matter if you buy your heater from us or from another source. Call us for the best in heating installation in Portage. We do it all by the manufacturer’s specifications so we can be sure we gave you our very best heating installation.

Heating Maintenance

We’ll get your heating maintenance in Portage done, too, so you can save energy, save money, and not have to replace your heater nearly as often. Every visit for heating maintenance in Portage includes:

  • A visual inspection of your entire HVAC system
  • A filter change
  • A cleanout of all the places where debris or dust can collect
  • A comprehensive test of each component of your heater
  • If we find any problems, we’ll get them fixed fast so you can use your heater all winter long!

Call Total Comfort today for any heating service in Portage. Our HVAC experts will be on their way to you soon so you can get back to your regular schedule fast! Don’t let these problems go because they only get worse. Make your appointment now and meet with one of our heater experts soon!

At Total Comfort, we want to make sure that all your heating and cooling needs are met! That’s why we offer a complete range of HVAC services across Portage. If you have any questions, give us a call or click here to schedule a heating appointment online with Total Comfort NWI!

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