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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Portage

If you’ve never invested in air conditioning maintenance in Portage, then you’ve missed out on a chance to get your home working better than it ever has before. Sure, investing in A/C maintenance costs you a little time, money, and energy, but it’s worth it for what you get out of it. At Total Comfort, we’ll make sure you reap maximum benefits of your air conditioner for a minimal investment.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Not sure if A/C maintenance is right for you? Call us to learn more, or read a bit more about the benefits you can reap. These include:

  • Save energy. Maintaining your system allows it to use less energy. This is good for the earth and good for your bank account.
  • Save money. You won’t just save money on energy. Regular A/C maintenance means you won’t have to replace your A/C as often so your home will cost you less.
  • Improve comfort. Make sure cool air gets to all the places you need it at home.
  • Find repairs early. Avoid costly shutdowns later on when you fix things before they cause a catastrophe.
  • Gain peace of mind. Know your A/C will run well all summer.

If these appeal to you, call us about air conditioning maintenance in Portage today. We’ll make sure your A/C is ready and working before summer’s heat hits.

Our A/C Maintenance Package

Every time you call us at Total Comfort for air conditioner maintenance, you’ll get the same great service. Our package includes:

  • A comprehensive, visual inspection of your whole HVAC system, even the parts not directly involved with your A/C.
  • A filter change, including instruction on how to change the filters yourself if you are unsure.
  • A system cleanout. Dust and debris can gather in your A/C. We’ll clean it out completely.
  • A total system test. We’ll check each part against the manufacturer’s specifications to be sure your unit is working like it was designed to.

If we find problems with your air conditioner, we’ll work with you to fix them before you need to use it again. This saves you the time and hassle of dealing with a shutdown or a bigger problem later on.

Call us at Total Comfort today to schedule your air conditioner maintenance. We’ll get to your Portage home soon and make sure your A/C is in great condition before we leave.

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